Therapy Resource Associates
10824 Old Mill Road | Suite 21

Phone: (402
) 330-6060
Phones Answered 24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week

Sessions Available Monday Thru Saturday
Both Daytime and Evening Sessions Available

Most Insurance Accepted

Fax: (402) 330-6108
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Directions to Therapy Resource Associates, Inc.
One Professional Square
10824 Old Mill Road, Suite #21
(402) 330-6060

1. Go to Dodge Street and...

If traveling West on Dodge Street:
– After passing over I-680, get in the middle lane...and take the "Old Mill" exit. (Do NOT take the Expressway.)

– Circle around to the right. While heading east...get under the sign that says "South Old Mill - 108th Ave" and go through the traffic light while continuing to circle to the right.

– Move to the left lane as you head into southbound 108th Avenue.

- Go straight (south) through the traffic light that sits on the west side of the Feltz WealthPlan building.

– At the next traffic light (in front of the Catholic Mutual Building), turn left (east) onto Old Mill Road.

If Traveling East on Dodge Street

– Stay to the right...right after you pass 114th Street, get in the right lane make a slight right turn onto South 108th Ave. Follow the curves around.

– You are heading east towards the Feltz WealthPlan building. Turn right at the light so that you are now heading south.

– Immediately get in left lane and take a left (east) at the next traffic light onto Old Mill Road.

Once You are on Old Mill Road...
– Continue east to the end of Old Mill Road. Go around the circle and head back west.

– Turn right immediately after the 2nd white "Professional Square" building (blue & white yard sign). These buildings are white with green roofs. Therapy Resource Associates is located in the 3rd building to the rear.

– Enter the south door on the west side.

"Watch for the blue & white yard signs."

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